Company Profile

Our Mission

To provide robust online programming, communication, data-processing and marketing solutions which can be objectively proven to satisfy our client's requirements via online based media.

Our Vision

To become the ‘go-to’ supplier within the sectors we operate within based on our reputation as a ‘no-nonsense’ professional solution provider who understands that web based programming is not ‘a dark-art’ but an objective process.

Our competitive advantage

Our advantage lies in what we are not

  • We are not a trendy boutique design agency who don’t really understand the web
  • We are not a ‘box-shifting’ webshop who force our clients into a 12 month contract for stuff they don’t understand
  • We are not a huge programming company who take 12 months to supply over-budget and overengineered solutions based on what they have to sell

Our advantage is that we aree-tradesmen and women who use our tools to best effect to achieve the results our customers require. We do this on-budget, on time and in a way whereby they understand not just what they have invested in but how it works fore them too.

We are on their side and are only happy when we make them happy.

Key stakeholders

Our customers
They recomend us to others and stay with us.
Our staff
They understand our values and help us maintain our standards.
Our business partners
Our network works in partnership with us to supply associated products and services to our standards.

Our target audience

  • Companies who see the value of investment in a website as a functional component of their business
  • Companies with a budget of $10 - $20K+
  • Companies with a need to qualify and quantify processes which involve the collation and dissemination of data via intranets or the internet