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eforge are no strangers to the issues which can arise when trying to deliver a software project, be it big or small.

Through our experience we've become adept at making sure a project is delivered. Our rapid development approach helps avoid many of the biggest pit falls organisations can encounter when trying to develop a new system.

With all of this practice and practical experience, we're able to help invigorate an existing project that has become stalled or abandoned, and get it over the finish line. Making sure investment into its development isn't lost.

By adopting the line of sight method we are able to provide accurate assessments early on of where and how a project may be drifting from the original intended scope. We can review project governance and documentation and suggest more or less of each as needed. If there is too much we'll customise the project to suit. Short valuable deliverables by quickly prototyping is the key.

Many IT projects stall. There is a business requirement that requires 100% clarity of the project before it is allowed to start, this is in most cases un-achievable.

We adopt an 80/20 approach that enables us to start producing a viable product. It's simple but effective. It is a matter of just moving forward, collaborating with stakeholders at every point ensuring that scope creep and meandering is kept to a minimum resulting in projects being delivered on time and on budget.

Corporate Application Development

Web Application Development

Eliminate platform dependency and gain flexibility.

Process Automation

Increase business efficiency and decrease business costs.


Measure, analyse and manage operations.

Business Intelligence

Understand and utilise your data better.